Hi there

My name is Pascal (turbopasi) and I’m writing on this blog. I started it to have a place to collect and show some of my projects and ideas and thoughts.

I am using the internet as long as I can remember but never ever was I able to create a blog for myself which kept me busy and interested enough to keep going and not to cancel the party again after 2 weeks. I guess most of you know how hard it is to start something new online.

What I will write about here:

  • Tech news, which I find interesting enough to share my thoughts
  • Updates and insights of personal tech/dev projects/work
  • Code snippets and guides for languages I use, worth sharing public
  • Open source work and collaborations
  • Stream updates and background infos about it (I do coding streams on Twitch)
  • In general everything tech/dev/code related I believe worth sharing
  • Little private things here and there to give it a personal touch 😊

Where else can you find me:

How this blog is made:

I created this blog using HUGO, an open-source static site generator alongside the theme called terminal by @panr.

I hope you enjoy pulled fork !